Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm happy to say that my children have great imaginations. Possum especially has an active one. These pictures were made yesterday evening as the kids were out "hunting". They rode around in their four-wheeler shooting whatever varmint they could think of and then built a fire and cooked the meat. The second picture shows the fire they were building.
The third picture of Squirrel is especially for Nana Bama who loves chocolate. We had Joel's Sunday school class over for dinner last night. For dessert we had molten chocolate lava cakes with Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream (Yes, I did eat dessert. That is why I'm walking/running. So I can enjoy treats occasionally!!) Both of the kids enjoyed the dessert that they had helped Mommy make. Squirrel really got into her dessert. Let's just say that as soon as she was finished she had to be placed in the bathtub.
While we were in West Virginia at the Nationals, Possum decided that he had an imaginary friend. His name is Migo. We think the name came from the Spanish word for friend-amigo. Anyways, we learn new things about Migo everyday. Migo's likes to fix things. Which is good, because things are always tearing up around our house! His daddy is also a preacher like Possum's daddy is. Squirrel is scared of Migo. I'm not sure why, but she is.
Joel and I tried to play into the Migo act, but the plan backfired (mainly on me since it was my idea). Last Saturday night Hannah and Mason were staying with us all night so their parents could go out for their anniversary. Possum wanted Migo to spend the night as well. I told him sure and so Possum called Migo to come over. Joel was going running and so I told him before he came back in the house ring the doorbell and I would answer the door, pretending that Migo was here.
The kids were sitting at the bar eating pie and the doorbell rang. I answered the door acting like I was talking to Migo's mom. I invited Migo in, told him to put his suitcase in Possum's room and asked him if he wanted some pie. Possum started looking for Migo, but of course there was not really a little boy here. He then begins crying. I am still playing along with the act until I see that he is really upset. Joel comes in the door, playing along with the act, but realized that Possum is really heart-broken. We apologize and explain that we were just pretending like he was. I guess he thought that his pretend friend really was real. It was one thing when he used his imagination, but I don't guess that Daddy and Mommy are supposed to have one. I don't think we will try this again.
As long as Migo doesn't start getting Possum into trouble he can stay around. Otherwise, he will have to go. The next time we come to visit you make sure you ask about Migo. Don't be scared if he is along for the ride-he's harmless (unless you ask Squirrel).


Cris said...

Now Jonathan thinks he has two crazy parents that are seeing people that aren't there!! The things we do for our children. The kids look like they have grown so much. We miss you all.

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Netta said...

I love the chocolate face and the hunting picture... you need to frame those ;)