Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishing Fun

Possum was REALLY driving the boat!

Worn out babies!
Possum wouldn't take off his hospital bracelet.
I thought this was a cute picture.

As a treat for Possum being so good during the sleep study we went out on the boat today. The kids had a ball as usual. We fished, ate, swam, ate, fished, ate, ate..... You get the picture. I do not go on the boat without plenty of snacks and the kids are kinda like their Momma. We have to have our cooler bags full of food. Possum began the summer scared to death of the water and now at the end of the summer he is swimming like a fish. In fact, I caught him trying to climb over the side of the boat without his life jacket on.

We caught enough fish to eat supper on and absolutely wore the kids out. Actually, their Dad and Mom are pretty worn out too (last night didn't help any). Time to head to bed and get rested for our always exciting Sundays,


Netta said...

Good for P. He won!