Sunday, August 10, 2008

No More Nursery

My baby promoted from the nursery to the "big" Sunday school class today. We are no longer in need of the nursery. For three straight years I have had a baby in the nursery at church. No more Marla Hu (Mrs. Marla Sue is in charge of the nursery at church. Squirrel pronounces some of her S's as H and affectionately refers to Mrs. Marla as Marla Hu.). No more diaper bag. No more playing during church. Now Squirrel attends Mrs. Regina and Mr. Bill's class with Possum and then goes to Toddler's Church. She has tried to go with her brother to Sunday school for about a month now so she was very excited that today was promotion day. She took her little Bible and money for Jesus and planted herself in a seat right next to Possum. I was a little concerned about them sitting right next to each other, but quickly remembered that Mrs. Regina can handle them. I was told that she did great today. I'm anxious to see when one of them does get into trouble if they will tell on each other. It is bound to happen. They are too close in age and will be in classes together sometimes.
I guess we are now officially out of the baby stage. We have been rid of bottles, cribs, and diapers for a little while now. The nursery at church was our last step and we took it. Wow! The past three years have flown by. Thanks Marla Hu and other helpers for taking good care of my babies in the nursery.


Cynthia said...

Makes me want to cry. Love and miss you.

Netta said...

Just one more step, Miss Melanie.... that is what I always thought over such milestones.... and I cried with each one. Your Blessings are such sweet ones. Thanks for sharing them with us.