Saturday, August 2, 2008


We had some "old" and "new" friends over for dinner last night. The house was full, with kids running everywhere. Possum had waited all day for our "friends" to get here and had kept his room so clean. Within 5 minutes every toy in his toy box had been dumped out into the floor. The toy box was so empty that Squirrel fell in it and was screaming because she couldn't get out.
Everyone enjoyed a fish fry, except Joel, who dropped grease on his toe. Of course something is going to happen to him. Trouble follows the poor man! There was pie of every kind-chocolate, chocolate mousse, coconut cream and fresh peach with Blue Bell ice cream. Mason especially enjoyed the delicious watermelon that Mr. BJ and Mrs. Joann brought. He even tried to eat the rind.
Possum and Squirrel enjoyed horsey rides from Hannah. The other pictures are of the three stooges trying to get my table apart. Thankfully, it came apart and went back together without a scratch. Everyone had a fun time and left with very full bellies.


Cynthia said...

Poor Joel!!!
Seems like trouble follows him everywhere.