Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a cute thought...

Possum woke up this morning and called for me. When I got to him, through squinted eyes he said, "I need some juice please. I think my eyes will open up if you give me some juice to drink. They are all mashed together this morning." So I guess that juice has the same effect on Possum that coffee has on his Mommy (or Mom as he is now calling me).

Squirrel got out of bed this morning, ran and got her chapstick, put some on and said "I'm a baby doll Mommy." I think that she has heard her Daddy call her that a few times too many!

Possum actually got up early enough this morning to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is one of his favorites. He is normally the late sleeper. As you can see they have been transformed into my tv zombies again.

Tonight is Possum's sleep study. Squirrel will stay at Nene and Allen's house. I was afraid that Possum would be jealous (and he still has time to get that way), but he has new pajamas and gets to go to "Macadonald's" to get a happy meal on the way to the hospital. It should be interesting anyways.

The last picture was just snapped out of my front window as I was typing. It is blurred, but I didn't want to look like those crazy people that take the Amish's picture when they don't want them taken.


Netta said...

P. looks like I feel right now :) I am in search of coffee :)
I agree with him - maybe it will help me open my eyes!