Monday, June 30, 2008

Daddy's Baby

Squirrel may be "Mommy's Best Friend" but she is definitely "Daddy's Baby".

Happy Birthday-Again!

Last night we went with some friends to the Mexican restaurant to eat. We celebrated Possum's birthday for one more time. At this restaurant on your birthday they not only sing to you but they also put a sombrero on your head and rub the whipped cream on your face. As you can see from the pictures, Possum did not like the attention. After they left and Joel started feeding him the dessert he got happy. He kept saying "Those crazy people. They put food on my face." Later that night he asked me if we could take Daddy there on his birthday so "those crazy people can put the food in Daddy's face". Possum said he would remind me when Daddy's birthday came and Possum never forgets!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Night with Mommy

After a long day with Fishers of Men, Possum, Squirrel, and Mommy are having a relaxing night at home (Daddy is working). Mrs. Regina gave Possum a classic Disney movie The Fox and the Hound. We have spread a blanket on the bed and are piled up with Goldfish crackers and juice having a good time.

Our Fishers of Men regular season is over now. All we have left is the Regional and National tournaments. This is a great ministry, but it is very exhausting. The kids are finally getting big enough to help out. Today Possum's job was to hand the weigh-in slips to the anglers for them to sign. He did a good job until he decided he wanted to help run the fish back to the water. I think the cool water was calling his name! Squirrel mainly stayed in the coolers drinking all of the sugary soft drinks she could talk someone into opening for her. The kids also enjoyed the fish from the fish fry we had for our anglers.

Tomorrow is our busy church day. The Patch and PeeWee clubs are singing tomorrow night. This is our Wednesday children's clubs. Possum and Squirrel are in PeeWee club. We leave Monday morning for The Wilds. Check out their website You can also check out my new blog for the church youth group( I will be posting from that blot while we are gone.

I will get back to the movie now. Thanks Mrs. Regina for the great movie!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Purse Cake

Another birthday cake! This one has given me fits. It wouldn't stand up tall and kept falling on me. Oh well. Gotta go. The cookies are beeping. Oh! Possum wanted to know if I was going to take pictures of the cake so I could blog about it. What does a 3 year old know about blogging?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Best Friend

Squirrel is "Daddy's baby" but tonight she became "Mommy's best friend". Daddy and Possum have been out a lot lately and Squirrel has become my little friend. Tonight after her bath she wanted to snuggle on the couch and play with her dolls. We decided to snap a few pictures of ourselves. She was laughing and playing one minute and the next she was fast asleep. I'm glad I have a new best friend!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Day

Most of my days are busy. Granny used to say, "Rush, rush, rush. Poor Melanie. All you ever do is rush. Who takes care of you?" I do stay busy, but I enjoy the things I stay busy with. Today was frustrating though. We try to get to church by 8:30 am on Sunday mornings, so that makes for a busy morning to start with. I then teach the teen Sunday school class and then play the organ during the worship service. This morning I had to fill in and teach toddler's church during the worship service. This used to be no problem for me. Something I enjoy doing, but not now. Now that Possum and Squirrel are both in toddler's church this is a challenge for me. My children who are normally good in toddler's church (there teachers told me so) turn into monsters when I walk in the door. Not that they were horrible today, they just don't do as well with mommy in the room. They think they get special attention, but they don't. I made it through the morning. But then the evening service came and things got worse. Possum always sits with Poppy and Marshie on Sunday nights and it helps me greatly. Today is Poppy and Marshie's 40th anniversary and they are gone to Gulf Shores to celebrate. That meant that I had Possum and Squirrel sitting with me in church. Mr. Bill and Mrs. Regina tried to help me, but Possum wanted his mommy. Let me just say things were not good. I even did something I thought I would never even think about-I threatened to wash Possum's mouth out with soap. He was being a little smart mouthed and other disciplining methods were not working. Squirrel obviously didn't understand what washing your mouth out with soap meant and she went "Me too. Me too. Me mouth Mommy." You know Squirrel. Putting something in the mouth equals eating and she loves to eat! Anyways, I didn't get the soap out, but it was a terribly long (only in my mind) service. Thankfully the service ended and Daddy came to rescue me. The sad part of the story is that the kids didn't get to go with Mr. Bill and Mrs. Regina for ice cream because they weren't good in church. They have to learn. Possum tried to tell me that I shouldn't tell him what to do. I told him that it was my job to teach him how to act in church. I don't think he was in the learning mood tonight. So you see I was AT church today, but I didn't get to HAVE church today. It is a good thing to minister to others, but everyone needs to be ministered to. Thankfully, I have had some quiet alone time this evening where I could read the Bible and study for awhile.
And if my day wasn't busy enough I have a busy week ahead. Fund raiser dinner, Fishers of Men event, bake a birthday cake (fun!!!), get four people ready for a week away from home (we leave next Monday for camp), and so on. As I said earlier, I like staying busy so I'll be fine. And to answer Granny's question, Joel is the one who takes care of me. Thanks Joel. I love you!
Happy Anniversary Poppy and Marshie. We love you.

More Wedding Pics

Netta brought me her pics. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Nene!

Today is Nene's (my mother) birthday. Possum was her birthday present a few years ago! Wish we could be with you today Nene to help you celebrate. We would make you a pretty cake. Enjoy your day. We love and miss you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leah's Wedding

The wedding was a success. Possum and Squirrel made it down the aisle and although Possum didn't stay at the front and I had to hold Squirrel they did great. Leah was a pretty bride and the rest of us looked pretty good too. I told Squirrel that we could have cake if she was good during the picture taking process. As soon as she was finished she said, "Birthday cake please." This has been a long and exciting day for everyone. Congratulations Jim and Leah and Happy Birthday Possum!

Birthday Breakfast

Possum requested biscuits and gravy for his birthday breakfast. I was cooking and he came in the kitchen and said "Do I smell bacon cooking?". I think he ate more before I got everything finished than he did when we sat down to eat. He is now outside playing with some of his new toys.