Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Early Birthday Presents

There are negatives when you live away from family, but there are also positives-birthdays and holidays last for more than a day! Possum's birthday is next week on the 21st. He is expecting several gifts in the mail from out of state family. If you know Possum at all you know that he LOVES getting any kind of mail. For some reason he knew is his little heart that he would get a package today. He waited on the porch for the "package man" until he got so hot he had to come inside. Then any time he heard a noise he would run to the window and look out to see if it was the package man. I had actually put him down for a nap and he got out of bed and came to the living room to look out the window one more time. Unbelievably the package man was coming up the drive! He started jumping up and down. In my mind I was thinking please be for Possum or he is going to be so disappointed. Thankfully it was for him. It was his birthday present from Nene. She got him new pieces for his swing set that his Daddy built him. He said "I've got to call my Daddy. We have so much work to do." This present is so much more than new swings and seesaw, it is a project that he and his Daddy can do together using tools! He began going through the pieces telling me what tools that they would need and that his Daddy would need the ladder to climb up on to hang the swings. This birthday present will keep Possum (and Daddy and after it is finished, Squirrel) busy for many hours to come! I like this kind of present. Thanks Nene for the swings!


Nai Nai said...

So glad to make his day.
Love, NeNe