Saturday, November 21, 2009


Possum came in the house the other day and asked me to please take a picture of him with all his kills. I think that the string has birds tied on it?!? Notice his hunting dog sitting beside of him. He has such an imagination!

Keep scrolling down because I have a few more posts to make up for the past week.

Field Trip

I took the kids on a little field trip last week to a great museum we have here in town. We have been learning about the Pilgrims and Indians in school and this museum has some early settlers exhibits complete with some Indians that I knew would kind of bring our studying to life. We had a great time and the kids have already asked when we could go back. Since it is a free museum we may be frequent visitors this winter!
In front of a one room cabin

Touching various animal furs
Old machinery
Squirrel was a little concerned with the sleeping arrangements in the cabin!

Possum looking at an old war uniform.
The kids with a World War II uniform.
Possum pointing to an old potty chair!

The kids were wanting desks like these for school!
Even though the signs stated "Don't Touch" and Possum had been repeatedly warned, his curiosity still got the best of him and he had to touch to see if the woman was real!
This is an original perm machine. It looks more like an instrument of doom to me!


Hunting season is in full swing around here. We have been deer and rabbit hunting and Joel is patiently waiting for turkey and duck/goose season to open up. Here are a few pictures of our recent kills. Possum has to have his picture made with whatever is brought home regardless of the fact that he wasn't even on the hunt much less the one who made the shot!
Possum with Joel's buck

Rabbit Hunters

My deer that we killed on opening morning.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harvest Party II

Possum and Mrs. Regina

Possum and Mommy
Squirrel snuggling in the straw on the hayride

Last night was the teenager's harvest party at the Jackson's house. Possum and Squirrel got to tag along and had a great night.

Hunting Buddies