Monday, June 29, 2009

My Wild Animals

We had a VBS work day today and the kids got into some of the props. When I was at Nai Nai's back in February I brought these costumes home to use for VBS. I took them to church and put them in the VBS closet never thinking that the kids would actually like to play with them. Wrong! They loved dressing up in the costumes. They took turns all morning wearing the different outfits. Squirrel put one on and left it on for most of the day. Aren't they cute "wild" animals? And trust me...they were "wild" today!
Check out the youth group blog for pictures of some of the VBS decorations.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Round Up/Old Fashioned Sunday

Today was a special day at church. It was Round Up Sunday. The Sounds of Praise ensemble from Southeastern Free Will Baptist College sang during the Sunday School hour and did a wonderful job. During the service we recognized our "retired" deacons. Joel preached a great sermon on excuses complete with an object lesson. After church we ate lunch, had the men's cake baking contest, horse shoe tournament, homemade ice cream, and testimony service. After the festivities at church we over, we visited with the Jolly's in order for Joel to present Bro. Jolly with his deacon plaque. Bro. Jolly couldn't be at church due to health problems. It has been a long, but good day!

Sounds of Praise Ensemble

Joel and Bro. Thomas
Joel and Pop

Joel's 10 Commandment Cake that won the Best Looking Cake.
Poppy making ice cream with his motor.
Possum joined in the horse shoe tournament.

The horse shoe champions!
Joel and Bro. Jolly
Mrs. Jolly showing Possum her guns!
Check out the youth group blog for more pictures from our day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

FOM-Lake Barkley

The kids help out anyway that they can during the weekend. Here they are drawing for the door prizes.

We are at Lake Barkley this weekend for Fishers of Men. The kids love helping out with the tournaments, but they also LOVE staying in a motel. Staying in motels mean that they can jump on the beds! The Butler's travel with us to help with FOM. Sara has become "Nanny Sara" to the kids. They love playing with her and I love the extra help!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Possum Monster

Joel got this mask several years ago to scare the kids while on a hay ride. He got it out today and Possum likes to wear it to scare his Mommy and Sissy. The only problem is that Squirrel is TERRIFIED of the thing! Look beyond him in the picture and you will see Squirrel buried beneath me hiding from the mask. She HATES it! As I type she is buried in her Daddy's arm hiding from it. Oh the joys of having a little boy!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Squirrel Girl

Timber's Grandson

While we were in Alabama we got to meet the newest member of our family, Timber III. My brother had gotten one of Timber and Bibby's puppies from us several years ago and she had puppies. We are so excited to be getting one of these cuties. This will get us Timber and Abby (Bibby's mom) line back. Most of you know of the horrible time we have had with our dogs the past few years. Joel has been trying to get us a Timber dog for a while now and hasn't had any success. I had forgotten that Matthew even had one of our dogs anymore until he called to say that he had puppies and we could get one. This little cutie even has his grandpa's white claws! We haven't decided on the name yet, but we are definitely looking forward to bringing him home to Kentucky next month!

The Campout

Celebrating Possum's birthday one more time!

Possum started the night in the tent, but ended up outside on his Daddy's cot.
We had a blast on the campout with the teenagers from church. Possum and Squirrel love hanging out with the "big kids" and get plenty of attention. We had cupcakes and sang to Possum one more time for his birthday. It was a great time in the great outdoors!