Friday, February 27, 2009

Front Porch Fun

It got warm enough yesterday that the kids were able to play outside. They had a great time making a tent on the porch swing. Possum counted- 1 gun, 2 kids, and 3 blankets. I remember when me and my brother and sister used to build tents on our front porch. What fun times we had and now I get to watch my kids have fun.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paw Paw's Birthday

PawPaw had a birthday banana pudding instead of cake.

He blew out the candles before we were finished singing and Possum didn't like this!
Yummy banana pudding that Nana made.

Paw Paw Ron's birthday was this past Monday. We rode over on Sunday night after church to help celebrate and get a day of rest. Paw Paw took off of work at lunch and we all rode over to the Bass Pro Shop in Sevierville. The kids love this store. It is free entertainment for them! Of course, Possum needed a new green crank bait. This child is too much like his Daddy! He then took Nana through the store showing her all of the things that he wanted for his birthday (which isn't until June). After exploring the store we went back to the house and had a nice dinner to celebrate Paw Paw. It was a wonderful day. I'm very thankful for my father-in-law and the Godly example that he has set for my family. It was such a joy to be able to spend the day with him and help him celebrate another year of life. We love you Paw Paw!

Friday, February 20, 2009

War Paint

A few weeks ago Squirrel got a hold of Possum with her pretty fingernails. Needless to say, her Daddy cut those pretty fingernails and as her punishment she hasn't been able to have her nails painted for the past few weeks. We are trying to get the scars cleared up and Possum is having to wear his "war paint". When I put the scar cream on Possum Squirrel wanted to know what I was doing. Joel and I took this time to remind her about what she had done so she wouldn't be tempted to do it again.
Sometimes we have to be reminded in our own lives about the mistakes we have made so we aren't tempted to do them again. Wednesday night in Patch Club the verse the kids were learning was Matthew 26:41 "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." We have to watch and pray every day that we won't fall into old or new traps. Squirrel has to be reminded of her mistake of hurting her brother and we have to be reminded so we don't fall again. I'm praying for you today!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Safe in Daddy's Arms

This has been a very hard week at our house. Many things have been going on. The kids have spent a lot of the week at friend's houses because Joel and I have been very busy. This morning both kids woke up with runny noses and I think just plain worn out from the busy past few weeks we have had. The past few days Squirrel has just needed her Daddy. He got up one morning at 2am to rock her. This morning she needed Daddy again. As you can see from the picture Joel was very busy, on the computer and phone, but that didn't stop Squirrel. She curled up on Daddy where it was safe and fell fast asleep. This reminds me of Psalm 91:4 "...and under His wings shalt thou trust..." I have had to trust in my Heavenly Father this week like never before and rest in His arms. Just like Squirrel resting in her Daddy's arms I have rested in my Father's arms. He is the only one who can see us through the troubles and trials of this world. Please remember that when it seems like the world is caving in around you that you can rest in the Heavenly Father's arms.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kyle's Valentine

I have had fun spending time with Kyle this week. He has really grown up. It is hard to believe that I was his age when he was born. Last night I took him to pick out a gift for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. It was an experience! Today I helped him get it wrapped up and Squirrel helped him with the card. He was a nervous wreck today waiting for the big date! I took him to meet his girlfriend and her parents tonight and I believe he was shaking. I can't believe this is the same baby that I used to wag around on my hip and the same kid that Joel took frog gigging and brought home in a potato sack because he had fell in the mud and was nasty! He is all grown up with a girlfriend now. He just got home from the big date and is all smiles. I'm glad he is happy!

Kisses from Squirrel

Love and kisses from Possum and Squirrel! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We love and miss you all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

All Caged Up

This is my cousin Bridgett with the kids. She drove Maw Maw down yesterday.

Maw Maw and Aunt Linda brought in this little cage today for the kids to play with. They caged themselves in and pretended like they were animals. Possum was a bear and Squirrel was a horse. She jumped the fence on time and escaped! If it was only this easy to keep them caged up!

Daniel Boone and His Friend

Kamren got a new Daniel Boone outfit today and he and Squirrel played dress up. She was wearing Kyle and Kamren's old outfit. Don't let the pictures fool you. They are not as sweet as they look!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Air Kyle

Part of my week has been spent taking Kyle to and from school and ball practice. He is playing church league basketball and practicing for school league baseball. Tonight we went to his basketball game. Kyle is such a great athlete. I told him one day when he makes it big to remember his poor sister who shuttled him around!

Possum really enjoyed the game. Kyle's team was wearing blue, but since Joel has told the kids not to say "Go Big Blue" (because of Kentucky) Possum instead said "Go Big Blue-Green".
This is the way Kamren spent most of the game.

Notice Kyle's blue arm! We spent the afternoon tracking that crazy thing down. I wish I had invented this thing. I would be rich!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Friend

Possum and Squirrel have made a new friend. Sophie is the daughter of one of Nai Nai's friends. They adopted her from China last year. She is still learning English and is too cute and funny. The kids have really taken up with her. They have also taken up with Aunt Linda. This is MawMaw's sister (that would make her the kid's great-great aunt). She has really helped me out with the kids. She kept them today for me while I took Nai Nai to the doctor and hospital for more x-rays. Squirrel came out of Aunt Linda's house with an arm full of bracelets and a purse full of make-up. She was loving it! It brought back many memories for me because when I was little I used to come out of Aunt Linda's house full of jewelry and make-up too!
Nai Nai is worn out tonight. The day was a bit much for her. We are waiting to see what the new x-rays show from today. She is trying to rest now. Keep praying for her!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nurse Possum and Nurse Squirrel

The good nurses with their patient!

Nai Nai fell from the ceiling, hit the side of the car, and landed on the concrete between the car and the shelves.
This is the corner of the car that she landed on.

Nai Nai's escape hatch!
The kids and I left yesterday afternoon and made the trip down south to check on Nai Nai. We had a very good trip. The kids did great! We arrived late last night, but were up early trying to nurse Nai Nai back to good health. Please continue to pray for Nai Nai as she has a long recovery ahead of her.