Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kyle's Valentine

I have had fun spending time with Kyle this week. He has really grown up. It is hard to believe that I was his age when he was born. Last night I took him to pick out a gift for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. It was an experience! Today I helped him get it wrapped up and Squirrel helped him with the card. He was a nervous wreck today waiting for the big date! I took him to meet his girlfriend and her parents tonight and I believe he was shaking. I can't believe this is the same baby that I used to wag around on my hip and the same kid that Joel took frog gigging and brought home in a potato sack because he had fell in the mud and was nasty! He is all grown up with a girlfriend now. He just got home from the big date and is all smiles. I'm glad he is happy!


Netta said...

so glad you have been able to spend some time with your family - even though the reason is yucky. Hope your mom is feeling better.

Nai Nai said...

Yes, Kyle is sweet boy just like his sister. Thanks for coming to our rescue and sharing his 1st Valentine with him.. Love you!