Friday, August 13, 2010

Alabama Trip

My sister Cricket, who now lives in Michigan, called and said she was making a trip to Alabama and she wanted to pick me and the kids up on her way so we could finish the trip with her and get to spend time with them. I was not so easily convinced that a road trip with 4 little ones was such a great idea....but she talked me into it! We had an eventful trip! Each little one had something specific that they wanted to while in Bama and I think everyone was satisfied at the end of the trip.
My pictures got uploaded backwards so this journal goes from getting home to the beginning of the trip.....sorry!
A Squirrel, Priss, Possum, and Bubba

Best buds modeling the aprons Cricket made them.
We were packed going, but were maxed out on the way back. This was the view in the rear view mirror for the trip home.
Is there a strap missing????
Bubba caught in the act!

I don't think we could have gotten anything else on there!
Possum with Pawpaw Overton. He was sick the whole time we were there.

Mawmaw's idea of snack time!
Play time with Kyle and Kamren.Pawpaw in the garden.Reading time with Poppa (and it's always snack time at Nana Bama's house).Playing in the sprinklers at Poppa's.
Seeing new cousin Lydia.Picking blueberries.