Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bob and Sarah's Wedding

The kids were very serious during the ceremony. They got down on the ground in the aisle to watch what was going on!

Possum got to wear his boots to the wedding in honor of Mr. Bob!

We got to celebrate the marriage of Bob and Sarah today. Bob moved to our area a little over two years ago and joined our church. He soon became a favorite of the kids and they look forward to when Mr. Bob gets to come over because he always does something exciting with them like blowing up bottles and fruit! After Bob and Sarah began dating the kids quickly decided that they liked Ms. Sarah as well.

Joel was able to perform the ceremony and I contributed the groom's cake to the day. You can check the cake out at A cow may seem a little strange for a wedding cake, but if you know Bob and Sarah then you know that it was perfect! The wedding was beautiful and we are very happy for the couple. Congratulations Bob and Sarah!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Squirrel!

Our little Squirrel turned four today! We celebrated a little early and had her party Sunday night after church.

This morning she got to open presents from Daddy, Mommy, and Possum.

She got a new sewing machine from Mommy...

...and a new pink BB gun from Daddy and Possum.

Daddy had to give her official shooting lessons!

We love you little Squirrel and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Possum's First Official Deer Hunt

Today is youth deer hunt day in our area. This is Possum's first time to officially get to hunt with a gun. We have had him in a shooting house since he was 3 months old so this is nothing new to him except now he is armed! We borrowed a little gun for him to use from some friends and Joel has practiced with him. He is actually a pretty good shot! I don't know why I am so surprised....he is just like his Daddy!!!

This was made very early this morning. Possum, who is generally not a morning person, hopped right out of bed and ran to get his clothes on. I don't know who was more excited him or his Daddy?!? I guess I am actually excited too because after I took these pictures and saw them off I couldn't go back to bed (and I'm generally not a morning person either!).

I can't wait to hear about their morning and hopefully (and prayerfully) we will have more pictures to show off later!

I think Possum looks a little Elmer Fudd like with that great big orange cap on!

The Circus

I took the kids (plus Sara) to the Circus this week. It wasn't a great big hug circus like we have been to before, but it was still good. The kids each had their favorite part- Possum's was the guy riding the motorcycle high in the sky and Squirrel's was the "My Little Ponies" that are pictures below.

Since the visit to the circus we have had a circus of our own at home! The kids have built a tent, lined up the stuffed animals, jumped through hoops, and tried to imitate many more acts that they saw. Very entertaining!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today the kids and I took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a little sad to go by ourselves, but generally Cricket and the kids drive over to go with us, but she figured driving from Michigan was a little too far for a bunch of pumpkins!
The straw house is always a big hit with Possum. He loves jumping from bale to bale.

Possum wanted a picture made with each crate of pumpkins.

We have had a full day. The day began early at the pumpkin patch and was followed by clothes shopping for Squirrel. Possum was not at all amused with the shopping. We had a little conversation in Kohl's that went kinda like this....
Possum- Looking around the store, "Mommy, I don't see any boys in here shopping."
Me- After looking around, "No Possum I don't guess there are."
P- "You know why Mommy?"
M-"No Possum I don't."
P- "It's because boys aren't supposed to shop. They are supposed to be at home watching the football game."
I guess they learn early! He has been so excited all day about the Alabama game tonight. As soon as we got home this evening he ran and put his Roll Tide shirt on! He is now sitting on the couch beside of his Daddy with his shaker in hand cheering on his team!
We all just had a great piece of homemade apple pie with fresh apples (that were named after Possum) from the orchard and cinnamon Blue Bell ice cream. Now to watch Alabama eat the Gators!