Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just so you know some of my other blogs have new addresses. The links on the side are updated--The First Youth Group, Fishers of Men Ky West, and Fishers of Men Ky Legacy. Also, Sweets by Shae has several new items posted.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trace's First Hunt

I haven't posted any pictures of Trace in a while. He is turning into a great dog and reminds me so much of his grandad that I find myself calling him Timber most of the time instead of Trace. I know there will never be another Timber, but Trace is getting pretty close!

Christmas Kids

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Sweetheart

Go to the youth group blog to see more pictures from our visit to the Opryland Hotel.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Take 2

This was at lunch....peanut butter and apples. Pawpaw, we may need that stocking of peanut butter this Christmas!

Thanks Pawpaw!

While we were at Pawpaw and Nana's for Thanksgiving Possum learned something new from Pawpaw....putting peanut butter on a banana. Last night when we were at the grocery store Possum asked me if I had plenty of peanut butter because he wanted to eat a banana with peanut butter for breakfast like Pawpaw had taught him. I didn't quite understand why he was making sure we had PLENTY of peanut butter until this morning. I think he put half the jar on the banana! Thanks alot Pawpaw!! Could you please make sure Possum gets some peanut butter in his stocking next year?

Sorry about the sideways video. I didn't realize I was video taping the wrong way!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Our Tradition...

We have the tradition of going to cut down a Christmas tree on December 1. Joel took the kids out to the back field and rode them around looking for the perfect tree. He said that they vetoed every tree he pointed to. I think he finally just picked one.

Not sure about this one? It looks like she shot the tree down!

The kids really enjoyed decorating the tree. All of our ornaments are special ones given to us by people we love. I try to write on the back of the ornaments who gave them to use and the year we received them. The kids wanted to hear the story of each ornament. Every time Squirrel would unwrap an ornament she would say, "Oh, this is a very special one. I have to be very careful."

Roll Tide Babies

Just a few pictures of the kids getting ready to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide play!


Several years back we began the tradition of celebrating Christmas with Joel's parents and his brother's family during Thanksgiving. When we are in Alabama for Christmas there is so many people to see and this allows us all a little more freedom and special time together.

Possum admiring the new Thomas the Train toys.
Squirrel with her new Christmas dress.

Possum has been wanting a fireman suit for a while and he finally got one!

These two little firemen worked hard the rest of the weekend!

Nana got Joel and Tommy new Alabama hats, but they were the wrong size! I think she thought she was buying them for the little boys!!


We spent Thanksgiving in Knoxville with Joel's family. The kids were so excited about the turkey that Pawpaw was smoking and had to admire the bird.

A beautiful table ready to eat on!
Possum and Squirrel made the place cards in school one day.
Uncle Tommy and Squirrel
Squirrel and Caleb
Josh eating one of the deviled eggs that Squirrel helped Aunt April make.
Four turkeys eating turkey!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Possum came in the house the other day and asked me to please take a picture of him with all his kills. I think that the string has birds tied on it?!? Notice his hunting dog sitting beside of him. He has such an imagination!

Keep scrolling down because I have a few more posts to make up for the past week.

Field Trip

I took the kids on a little field trip last week to a great museum we have here in town. We have been learning about the Pilgrims and Indians in school and this museum has some early settlers exhibits complete with some Indians that I knew would kind of bring our studying to life. We had a great time and the kids have already asked when we could go back. Since it is a free museum we may be frequent visitors this winter!
In front of a one room cabin

Touching various animal furs
Old machinery
Squirrel was a little concerned with the sleeping arrangements in the cabin!

Possum looking at an old war uniform.
The kids with a World War II uniform.
Possum pointing to an old potty chair!

The kids were wanting desks like these for school!
Even though the signs stated "Don't Touch" and Possum had been repeatedly warned, his curiosity still got the best of him and he had to touch to see if the woman was real!
This is an original perm machine. It looks more like an instrument of doom to me!