Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roll Tide Roll

Football season officially begins today for the Alabama Crimson Tide! Every year I have made a picture of the kids on opening day dressed in their Bama gear. If I didn't have so much to do I would hunt down the pictures from the previous years so we could see how much the kids have grown. Oh well, maybe later. For now, Roll Tide Roll!!!!

Good Morning

How about one of THESE and a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning?

I have had a very busy and prosperous morning. I have baked a double batch of cinnamon rolls, watched 3 load of clothes, read my Bible, washed 2 sink full of dishes, put clean sheets on Squirrel's bed, made a list with Joel of the food that has to be cooked and vacuum sealed for him to take to Colorado, and currently have pork chops for said trip baking in the oven. Wow! The things that can be accomplished if you get up while the kids are still sleeping!

If you could only smell my house-fresh cinnamon rolls and now the pork chops baking. It smells pretty wonderful in here right now. As I have offered many times before, come visit me and I will cook you anything you want.

Check out the youth group blog if you would like to see how Joel and I stay so young, but look so old. We had a great time with the teens last night. I am actually still uploading pictures. Nobody wanted to leave. I had to remind Joel that we had kids to go pick up at Poppy and Marshie's house!

Another busy weekend for us. Joel just left for the church. The men had a work day today. We have a funeral on Monday with the viewing beginning tonight. Remember the Beckham family in your prayers as Billy lost his dad yesterday morning. Of course church tomorrow and Joel and his dad will be leaving after the funeral on Monday for Colorado for the annual elk hunt. Nana, Possum, Squirrel, and myself will be headed to Alabama for a visit. The kids are really excited! This makes for a lot of packing and more work. All of the hunting clothes has to be washed, de-scented, and packed very carefully. Plus all of the hunting and camping equipment that has to be packed. Hopefully we will have pictures of great big elk to post in about two weeks!

Now that you can see all of the work I have to do I better get up, turn the computer off, and get to work!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Franks Band

The kids decided to entertain us last night. It started as a one man band, but Squirrel had to get in on the concert. They really were doing a pretty good job until I started taping. I don't think that we'll take the show on the road any time soon or get us a booking agent. Maybe some music lessons will be our next step. Good thing that grandparents think their grandkids are the best no matter how bad they are. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fire Balls

Squirrel likes fire balls, but she can't hold them in her mouth because they get too hot, plus we don't want her to get choked. Last night she wanted a lick of her Daddy's fire ball so badly that she, well, she just took a lick. We got so tickled at her. God definitely only made one Squirrel!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun with Poppy and Marshie

After church tonight everyone went to Poppy and Marshie's house for fun, food, and fellowship. I didn't think that Possum and Squirrel were going to do to well with sharing all their stuff at Poppy and Marshie's. After a little pep talk Possum did a pretty good job of sharing. Squirrel on the other hand was a different story. By the end of the night she had all of Poppy's attention, which is what she wanted. Just in case you can't tell about the pictures, Poppy has the kids in a desk chair letting them roll down the drive. They had a blast!

Squirrel Hunting

Hunting season has finally opened for the year. Possum has been waiting patiently for the time to come where he could hunt something. Every day he asks me and his daddy what hunting season it is. Finally we were able to tell him it was squirrel season. Last night he got to go squirrel hunting and came back with one little squirrel. Before he went he asked me if he was hunting for a squirrel like Sissy. I quickly answered "No. No human squirrels." This should be an intersting hunting season.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Bama Fun

I have a picture made in Mama's sink just like this. Too bad I don't have a scanner so we could compare the two pictures.
Luke playing beauty shop on Squirrel. I don't think she was enjoying it!
The oldest and youngest grandkid on the Overton (my mom's) side of the family.
All kids like playing in the dirt at Papa and Mama Overton's house.

As you can see we had a great time in Bama even though it was a very quick trip.

60th Anniversary Weekend

Great Grandkids

The Franks Family
Joel's Grandparents, Dad, Uncle Terry, and Aunt Sherry
The Ron Franks Family
The Terry Franks Family

Joel and Murdock cheesing for the camera

Possum and Great Great Aunt Bobbie (Mama's sister)

Look at those beauty queens! Sign them up for the Mrs. America pageant!
Bobbie said to make sure everyone knows that this picture was made first
thing in the morning.

Thursday was Papa and Mama Franks' 60th wedding anniversary. On Friday the family had them a surprise dinner party. We made a quick trip to Alabama for the occasion. We left Thursday evening after the nursing home service and arrived around midnight. Friday morning the kids swam at Papa and Mama Overton's while I worked on the anniversary cake and Daddy swam/studied/helped me with the cake. The whole family was at the party and we actually pulled off the surprise. Papa and Mama were tickled to have the family together. This usually only happens once a year at Christmas. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert, but mainly just enjoyed being with the family and rejoicing with Papa and Mama for the great accomplishment of being married for sixty years. This is such a rare thing in our society today. I am thankful for Papa and Mama and the example that they have set for our family and friends. We love you Papa and Mama Franks and congratulations once again!