Saturday, August 16, 2008

Possum's Sleep Study

"Macadonald's" makes everything better!

Photography by Possum

Another picture by Possum

"Just let me go to sleep"
The Patients: Possum I and Possum II

Possum II trying to eat Possum I's wires

Everything is better when you are holding Daddy's hand.

He just couldn't take any more.

Thankfully the sleep study is over. Possum started the evening out great. He talked and laughed with the nurse and was very cooperative. The process of getting him wired took about an hour. The last five minutes did him in. After having no nap all day and letting the nurse do all of her work, he was just too tired. The pictures tell the story. He started happy and ended not so happy! It was a long night for Possum, Dad, Mom, and the nurse. If you need further details you can give me a call. We don't know any results yet. The test will have to be analyzed and scored and then the doctor will give us a call.

Possum made some of these pictures. We were trying anything to keep him happy.
Notice that Possum's possum was also wired.


Cynthia said...

Very sad pictures!!!
I'm sp glad he had his possum with him and it's over.

Netta said...

It is pretty yucky for adults... so I know it was not fun for P. as well. He did great! I didn't behave as well as he did :)