Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Trouble-Again!

Our Sunday's are always exciting and busy! As you can see, the kids are worn out. Squirrel was sound asleep after church this morning and Possum was asleep during church tonight. After church tonight we had an ice cream fellowship (which Possum slept through). Joel left after the fellowship with Mr. BJ and I was going to run Mrs. Joann home after we had cleaned up.

The last two pictures show the trouble I had. Mrs. Joann warned me to watch all the walls and curbs around their drive, but as you can see I missed one. She was walking in the house and had turned her head to warn me about this last one, but it was too late. I couldn't stop. It didn't sound good. The pictures really don't look that bad, but we had to call a tow truck to come and back me up. Thankfully, Mr. BJ and Mrs. Joann are good friends with a guy with a tow truck (I am not the first person that has done this, nor will I probably be the last) and he came and rescued me. He said that if I had tried to come on over the wall it would have torn the back of my vehicle off. I'm glad I didn't try that! Thanks Mrs. Joann for talking me out of that. Anyways, we made it out of the drive safely without any damage (that I know of) and Possum was really excited about "that big truck that picked Mommy's truck up off the ground". He talked about it all the way home. I'm sure everyone will hear this story again. There are no secrets around our house anymore.

You never know what may happen around here-especially on Sunday's!


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I don't believe I have ever seen anything quite so funny in my life :)

Megan =P said...

that's funny =P

that's a warning to all of us in the youth group that are getting ready to start driveing or are driveing