Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bible Verse

When we got home from church tonight we asked the kids what they learned in PeeWee club. Possum began telling a very long story about a man that got hurt and nobody would help him (the Good Samaritan). In his version, nobody would help the man because they couldn't get off of their horsies. After his retelling of the story we asked them what their Bible verse was. Possum immediately told us. I guess Squirrel wanted some of the praise and attention that her brother was getting and so she told us the verse too. We were so excited! She did a wonderful job. Remember, she won't be 2 until the 20th of October. I quickly got the camera and had them to quote the verse again. Enjoy! Galatians 6:10 "As we have opportunity let us do good to all men."


Cynthia said...

Way to go Possum... I think I like Squirrels version best.

The Cooks said...

How precious are the little ones!