Friday, August 15, 2008

The Joy of Bubble Gum

Lest anyone think that I am sitting at the computer playing the day away, I am posting a picture of my ironing so you can see that I am being a busy housewife and mother. But Possum is in rare form today and I had to post some of the funny things he has said before I forget it all.

Possum wanted a piece of bubble gum. I normally do not let him have gum, because of obvious reasons. Squirrel is taking an early nap, so I thought it might be okay since I wouldn't have to fuss with her over a piece. I explained to him to chew it and not swallow it (which is what he has done in the past). He asked me how to blow a bubble, so I stopped my ironing to try and teach him. The pictures and video above show what his bubble looked like-a big blob of gum at the end of his tongue! I will say this is the longest that he has ever kept a piece of gum in his mouth without swallowing it. I think we are going on 20 minutes.

Before Squirrel went to sleep she was being a little sassy. I told her to go put something in her room and she just sat there. Possum (of all people) quickly reminded her that "The Bible says to obey your parents" and then he began to sing O-B-E-Y (a new Patch the Pirate song he learned during VBS). If only he practiced what he preached!

Earlier Possum looked at the end table by his daddy's recliner. It is a mess. Joel was working on his arrows and didn't pick it all up. He had to leave quickly yesterday morning to go to Birmingham because Papa Brasseal is having heart problems. I am not going to touch it so I won't lose any of the little pieces. Anyways, Possum looked at the mess and said, "You need to give Daddy a spanking because he didn't pick up his mess." He was being very serious. I think this is because he had just gotten in trouble over his mess.

He is now bouncing (literally) his rocking horse around the living room saying "I'm a Amish riding down the road. Watch the Amish." I think we have been to the Amish too much this summer.

The horse just bucked him off and hurt his finger. He came to me upset. This is the conversation:

P: I'm really really hurting.
M: Okay. I'll just go ahead and take you to the hospital now.
P: But you can't because Sissy is still sleeping.
M: That's okay. We'll just leave her here.
P: But she will cry and cry and scream.
M: So. She'll be fine.
P: I'm okay Mom. We can't leave Sissy here.

I'm glad that he cares that much about her.


Netta said...

Sounds like P has had a busy morning! I wouldn't want the Amish horse to get away from him. Enjoy Macadonalds.

cricket said...

I can't wait til Madison is talking like that! Was this before our no nap conversation or after? I don't remember him being this cute when I was talking to you.