Saturday, August 23, 2008

60th Anniversary Weekend

Great Grandkids

The Franks Family
Joel's Grandparents, Dad, Uncle Terry, and Aunt Sherry
The Ron Franks Family
The Terry Franks Family

Joel and Murdock cheesing for the camera

Possum and Great Great Aunt Bobbie (Mama's sister)

Look at those beauty queens! Sign them up for the Mrs. America pageant!
Bobbie said to make sure everyone knows that this picture was made first
thing in the morning.

Thursday was Papa and Mama Franks' 60th wedding anniversary. On Friday the family had them a surprise dinner party. We made a quick trip to Alabama for the occasion. We left Thursday evening after the nursing home service and arrived around midnight. Friday morning the kids swam at Papa and Mama Overton's while I worked on the anniversary cake and Daddy swam/studied/helped me with the cake. The whole family was at the party and we actually pulled off the surprise. Papa and Mama were tickled to have the family together. This usually only happens once a year at Christmas. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert, but mainly just enjoyed being with the family and rejoicing with Papa and Mama for the great accomplishment of being married for sixty years. This is such a rare thing in our society today. I am thankful for Papa and Mama and the example that they have set for our family and friends. We love you Papa and Mama Franks and congratulations once again!


The Cooks said...

what a wonderful family event!

Kimbo said...

Hey girl! It's Kim, Heath's girlfriend :-) I just started this whole blog thing so mine is kinda shabby right now. I'm use to the whole facebook myspace thing. It was so nice "remeeting" you this past weekend. All four of us will have to plan to do something soon!! Have a blessed afternoon!

Kimbo said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I found your blog on Ashley Cosby's page. She is one of my good friends from high school. oh, my blog thing is: