Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Play

My sweet little angel and shepherd boy

The crossbow that Possum made out of trash

Joel's Birthday

Joel's birthday was December 19. I was in no shape to be making a birthday cake, but the kids insisted that he have one. The day before his birthday Joel took Squirrel out to do some visiting and such and while they were gone Possum made a cake. From start to finish with nothing but my supervision from a stool, Possum made this cake. He looked up a picture on the computer of what he wanted the cake to look like and then went to town. We all were very impressed with his work and we had a cake to celebrate Joel's birthday!

Possum was also upset that I was unable to drive to take him shopping to buy his Daddy a present. I knew he was up to something when he came and asked me where to find the wrapping paper and supplies. I thought to myself "How sweet. He has found something that he is wrapping up for his Daddy." I had no idea exactly what he had up his sleeve. After he got the gift wrapped he couldn't wait for Joel to open it. He was beside himself. Joel opened the gift to find a pair of his own underwear. We couldn't stop laughing. At least he had the good smarts to get them out of the drawer and not the dirty clothes basket! God loves a cheerful giver right??!!