Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Back.....And Squirrel's 6th Birthday

After a long year off I am going to attempt to get back on the blogging wagon.  This past year I was taking a full load of grad courses and I did not have any spare time for uploading pictures unfortunately.  Thankfully, I graduated in May with my Masters in Elementary Education and I passed my boards so now maybe I can spend some time on the blog.  The problem is now I have become out of the practice and I actually forget I have this. 

I will not attempt to get this old blog caught up with our life.  I'll begin with where I left off....the last post I did was on Squirrel's 5th birthday.....we just celebrated her 6th!  I am going to post from her birthday celebration and gradually will post pictures from our past year and new ones as they come.

Both kids on their own decided this year that they didn't want large birthday parties with friends as we have done in the past.  Instead they wanted to celebrate with just our family.  Fine by me!  So much easier and we really enjoyed ourselves on both of their birthdays.  Squirrel requested to go to Jackson's Orchard.  The day was cool and overcast and the kids enjoyed playing on the cool playground, drinking apple cider slushes, and picking out some pumpkins.  After our time at Jackson's we headed to one of Squirrel's favorite restaurants, Red Lobster.  The child insisted that she wanted a lobster.  Since we didn't think she needed a $25.00 lobster, we satisfied her request to try lobster by ordering her lobster dip, which was much cheaper and tasty for everyone!  The day was topped off by watching our beloved Crimson Tide roll over Tennessee.  Squirrel got to pick the game menu, which was cheese dip, pigs in a blanket, and peanut butter cookies.  The whole day was great as we celebrated our little Squirrel's birthday.