Monday, August 18, 2008

Toddler's Church

Netta made this picture yesterday in Toddler's Church. Notice that all of the kids have their socks and shoes off. Possum is learning how to serve God at church. Yesterday morning he asked me if he could help pass out the bulletins. I told him he would have to ask his Daddy. He very sweetly asked and of course Joel said yes. My stipulation was that he had to keep his shirt tucked in. You should have seen him trying to keep it tucked in. He quickly left the prayer room and ran to his post. Joel had to make him leave the post to sing with the kids and as soon as the kids were finished he ran back to his position. If only we all were as eager to serve the Lord.
As you can see from the picture, as soon as his ushering duties were over the shirt came out!
Last night Possum wasn't feeling to well. He is having some kind of allergic reaction to something. I'm not sure if it is from something they put on him at the sleep study or what. I guess he is a little like his Mom when it comes to skin reactions. The funny part was that he kept telling Joel and I that he felt like he was going to have a fever. When we asked him where he hurt or why he didn't feel good, he would say "I think I'm going to have a fever". He is up this morning and acting fine. Squirrel is doing better. Still on her medicine, but the doctor called Friday (we went back on Thursday) and said that she was looking better.
Off to the Amish to get more vegetables. How I'm going to hate for summer to be over!