Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girl Time

Yesterday evening Squirrel and I got to spend some quality girl time together. We painted fingernails and toenails and she even let me braid her hair (Which until this point is something she has only let Aunt Cricket do.). We read books and she went walking with me. She was so tickled over her nails and kept saying "Daddy will be so happy.". I'm not sure what she thought he would do, but she knew he would like them. As soon as he pulled up the drive she started modeling for him. She is very eager to please her Daddy. If we could only learn from her example and be as eager to please our Heavenly Father.


Netta said...

Squirrel is beautiful. Isn't it intersting that little girls learn what to expect from their future spouses? Another reason why a good relationship between Daddys and baby girls is so important.... and you are so right... we need to strive to have a great relationship with our Heavenly Father.