Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Our Tradition...

We have the tradition of going to cut down a Christmas tree on December 1. Joel took the kids out to the back field and rode them around looking for the perfect tree. He said that they vetoed every tree he pointed to. I think he finally just picked one.

Not sure about this one? It looks like she shot the tree down!

The kids really enjoyed decorating the tree. All of our ornaments are special ones given to us by people we love. I try to write on the back of the ornaments who gave them to use and the year we received them. The kids wanted to hear the story of each ornament. Every time Squirrel would unwrap an ornament she would say, "Oh, this is a very special one. I have to be very careful."


Cris said...

They are so loving to one another. I couldn't dare get Bailey to love his brother like that in front of the camera. He pretends like he doesn't love him but I can tell he's a little protective.