Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bob and Sarah's Wedding

The kids were very serious during the ceremony. They got down on the ground in the aisle to watch what was going on!

Possum got to wear his boots to the wedding in honor of Mr. Bob!

We got to celebrate the marriage of Bob and Sarah today. Bob moved to our area a little over two years ago and joined our church. He soon became a favorite of the kids and they look forward to when Mr. Bob gets to come over because he always does something exciting with them like blowing up bottles and fruit! After Bob and Sarah began dating the kids quickly decided that they liked Ms. Sarah as well.

Joel was able to perform the ceremony and I contributed the groom's cake to the day. You can check the cake out at A cow may seem a little strange for a wedding cake, but if you know Bob and Sarah then you know that it was perfect! The wedding was beautiful and we are very happy for the couple. Congratulations Bob and Sarah!


Netta said...

Beautiful pictures ! Glad it was good weather ;)