Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Possum!

Joshua coming down the slide.
Kamren flying through the air!
Squirrel jumping to Daddy.

The birthday boy

I'm four years old!
Joshua and Kamren helping with the candles.

Nana, Aunt April, and JoshuaUncle Kamren
Poppa enjoying some cake.

MawMaw Overton

Nana and Squirrel
Possum flying through the air.
PawPaw Ron and Squirrel
Joshua flying through the air.

My little Possum is four years old today. The years are flying by me. While we were in Alabama we had a birthday party with some of the family. We usually don't get to be with family on our birthdays and so this was very special. This is the first time that Possum has got to spend a birthday with his cousins Caleb and Joshua. We had the party at PawPaw and MawMaw Overton's house so the kids could swim. Uncle Kamren was also in town so he got to have some fun with us too. Joel got in the pool to watch over the kids and spent most of the time throwing them through the air. We are taking the teenagers from church camping after church tonight and we are going to celebrate with Possum a little bit more.
Possum is such a sweet boy. He is such a delight to his Mommy and Daddy. I look forward to seeing him grow through the years and what God has in store for his life. We love you Possum and happy birthday!