Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How do they do it?

Lately I have wondered once again "How do people with more than 2 children (like myself) do it?" It seems that I have had a few extra kids around the house the past few weeks. One day last week there were 3 extra. As I prepared lunch and everyone sat down to eat (just 7 of us) I looked at Joel and asked "How?". I cannot imagine cooking for that many people all of the time. We ate a lot of food that day. And there were only 7 of us. Some families have 10 or MORE! This week Kam is here visiting with us. That is only 1 more kid, but it can make a difference. It was 9:30 last night before I ever got a shower and cleaned up. Better late than never I guess. Having kids has definitely changed me. Where I used to would never allow my laundry basket to get a little full, sometimes it is now very full. There used to would never be a dish left in the sink dirty, now there may be many left dirty. It is more important to play with the kids and teach them something new than for my house to be perfectly in order. Last night Possum and Kam learned a new Bible verse before bed "Unto Thee o God do we give thanks." Psalm 75:1. Squirrel tried her best to learn it as well (Candy was her motivation. Imagine that!). It sounded like this "Unto God...give thanks." Pretty good for a 19 month old. If we could only learn to give God the thanks He deserves. We also learned about David and Jonathan last night. Possum thought we were talking about him. I think he liked the idea that he was friends with the guy who killed "Gowiliath". We talked about sharing because Jonathan shared his armour, bow, and sword with David because they were friends. Squirrel said "God wants share" (she was supposed to be saying God wants me to share."

I will try to take pics and post later. I know the pictures is what everyone wants!


cricket said...

I think people with that many children either say a whole lot of prayers or take a whole lot of zanex. Take your pick depending on the person. I think it would take both for me if I had seven. Haha....I am glad that Kam is having a good time. Madi and I will there in two days.

Cynthia said...

Glad "YOUR" having fun!!!
Kamren is like having 10 kids.
Love, Mom

Cris said...

It is wonderful that those kids are so young and know so much about God. I admire you and Joel for being such wonderful parents. I have no doubt that if you had ten kids you would manage just fine.