Friday, June 20, 2008

The Birthday Party

Possum had a great time at his birthday party. Since Possum wanted a fishing party we had it down at the lake. Daddy brought his boat and gave everyone rides and the kids got to fish on the bank. Everyone also enjoyed the swings, slide, and sand. The menu included grilled hot dogs (Possum's request), chips and dip, goldfish crackers, fish cookies, gummie worms, and cake. Possum was concerned that we weren't going to sing to him and he was all grins when everyone started singing. He got some great presents-a gun, bow and arrow, fishing pole and tackle box, clothes, tent, Bob the Builder dvd, and much more. The weather was great for the party since the sky was cloudy and the wind was blowing. Aunt Cricket, who is nice and pregnant, didn't even get too hot! Squirrel and Madison enjoyed the sand too much. They got real good and dirty. Possum told me that this was the best party ever!
We will celebrate his actual birthday in the morning. He has requested biscuits and gravy and he will get to open his presents from Daddy and Mommy. After our morning celebration it will be off to the wedding. Another busy and exciting day is ahead of us!


Cynthia said...

Looks like yall had a blast! The cookies are cute, and Makayla's hair is so cute. Is that box full of candy?