Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top Chef

Squirrel is generally our independent child. She wants to do everything by herself. Normally she will say "Me do it." Possum always wants someone with him to do things. Here lately though he has been coming out of that. I guess he is growing up.
Yesterday morning he didn't want anything to eat for breakfast. Joel was trying to help me out by getting the kids their breakfast. Possum didn't want anything that he offered. Joel had the great idea to tell him he could cook his own breakfast. Now, Possum enjoys helping us cook. We never let him pull his stool up to the stove though. He always has to stay back, but yesterday Daddy let him pull right up to the stove (Of course with Joel standing right behind him and me beside him taking pictures. We didn't just turn him loose in the kitchen Grandmas!) As you can see from the pictures a cheese sandwich was on the menu. He was so careful and did a wonderful job. When he finished cooking the sandwich we allowed him to use a REAL knife (Normally I give him one of the little serving knives that go with a cheese ball server!) to cut his sandwich. That was probably his favorite part. I even let him pour his own milk. Now if he could just learn to wash the dishes and clean up the mess! I hope I took enough pictures so ya'll can enjoy this first experience with us. There are some things that the kids do that words just can't convey how it really was. I hope by posting all of these pictures you can enjoy the kid's lives with us.
Squirrel is doing well. I didn't get any pictures of her. She had already eaten and was busy playing. She spent the day with me while I was getting ready for a supper fundraiser at the church. We are hard at work raising money for the kids to go to church camp. She helped me by tasting all of the food that I was cooking (imagine that). Next Saturday she is going to be in her first wedding. A girl from our church (Who was only 12 when we came here. My how time goes by) is getting married and the whole family is in the wedding. Joel is performing the ceremony, I am a bridesmaid (I have been really close to this girl since we moved here), Jonathan is the ring bearer, and Squirrel is the little flower girl. I am not too worried about Squirrel making it. She loves prancing around all dressed up. In fact, a few days ago I tried her dress on her and she got VERY upset when she had to take it off. Possum in another story. He is very bashful. I hope that he will be okay since he will be walking with his sister and both me and Joel will be at the front of the church. We shall see. I promise to take plenty of pictures of all of us dressed up. Maybe we can get a good family picture finally. The last real family picture we have was made a few weeks after Squirrel was born. Thankfully I am many pounds lighter now!
The kids are finally waking up so I'll go for now. My day is crazy from here until bedtime!