Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round Up/Old Fashioned Sunday

We had a special time at church today. I only wish I had taken Squirrel's picture when she was all dressed in her old-fashioned clothes. After church we ate, the men pitched horseshoes, and Poppy made ice cream with his old motor. Possum won the men's cake baking contest with the best tasting cake. He really did make the cake (except for breaking the eggs). He wanted to make a chocolate cake with green icing. At 8:00 last night he decided that he wanted to make a cake. I stayed up to help him. By the time the cake was cooled enough to frost he was so tired he was almost asleep sitting on the counter. It was a very good day.
Now we are sitting around the house resting and relaxing. This is something that we don't do often enough. We are going to wish we had more time to do rest because June is a very busy month for us. I'll make a quick list of the PLANNED activities for the month so you can see what we will be up to this month. I say planned because this does not include the unexpected.
1-Old Fashioned Sunday
4-Spaghetting Supper Fund Raiser
6-7-FOM at Kentucky Lake
13-Bridal Shower for Leah
14-Car Wash Fund Raiser
19-Nursing Home Service
20-Wedding Rehearsal
21-Wedding and Possum's 3rd Birthday
27-28-FOM Barren River Lake
30-July 5-Youth Camp at THE WILDS
We have a full month. I'm tired just typing the list. I better go and finish my relaxing evening!