Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Day

Most of my days are busy. Granny used to say, "Rush, rush, rush. Poor Melanie. All you ever do is rush. Who takes care of you?" I do stay busy, but I enjoy the things I stay busy with. Today was frustrating though. We try to get to church by 8:30 am on Sunday mornings, so that makes for a busy morning to start with. I then teach the teen Sunday school class and then play the organ during the worship service. This morning I had to fill in and teach toddler's church during the worship service. This used to be no problem for me. Something I enjoy doing, but not now. Now that Possum and Squirrel are both in toddler's church this is a challenge for me. My children who are normally good in toddler's church (there teachers told me so) turn into monsters when I walk in the door. Not that they were horrible today, they just don't do as well with mommy in the room. They think they get special attention, but they don't. I made it through the morning. But then the evening service came and things got worse. Possum always sits with Poppy and Marshie on Sunday nights and it helps me greatly. Today is Poppy and Marshie's 40th anniversary and they are gone to Gulf Shores to celebrate. That meant that I had Possum and Squirrel sitting with me in church. Mr. Bill and Mrs. Regina tried to help me, but Possum wanted his mommy. Let me just say things were not good. I even did something I thought I would never even think about-I threatened to wash Possum's mouth out with soap. He was being a little smart mouthed and other disciplining methods were not working. Squirrel obviously didn't understand what washing your mouth out with soap meant and she went "Me too. Me too. Me mouth Mommy." You know Squirrel. Putting something in the mouth equals eating and she loves to eat! Anyways, I didn't get the soap out, but it was a terribly long (only in my mind) service. Thankfully the service ended and Daddy came to rescue me. The sad part of the story is that the kids didn't get to go with Mr. Bill and Mrs. Regina for ice cream because they weren't good in church. They have to learn. Possum tried to tell me that I shouldn't tell him what to do. I told him that it was my job to teach him how to act in church. I don't think he was in the learning mood tonight. So you see I was AT church today, but I didn't get to HAVE church today. It is a good thing to minister to others, but everyone needs to be ministered to. Thankfully, I have had some quiet alone time this evening where I could read the Bible and study for awhile.
And if my day wasn't busy enough I have a busy week ahead. Fund raiser dinner, Fishers of Men event, bake a birthday cake (fun!!!), get four people ready for a week away from home (we leave next Monday for camp), and so on. As I said earlier, I like staying busy so I'll be fine. And to answer Granny's question, Joel is the one who takes care of me. Thanks Joel. I love you!
Happy Anniversary Poppy and Marshie. We love you.


Leonetta said...

Melanie, As I told you at church, there were many days that I wondered why I was even there... but 15 years later I am so glad that I did. My grandmother used to say that when her babies were small she "was eating her sweet bread"- meaning that those were the good days and that she really enjoyed them... So Melanie, you are eating your sweet bread! I just wanted you know that I am praying for you. Sometimes mothering is a thankless job and it helps when someone says "you are doing good"... so ... YOU ARE DOING GOOD!

Cynthia said...

ShaSha, you are doing a great job. When you three were small, between teaching SS, Playing the Piano for the service and then working in Childrens Church, I often wondered why I even went to church. For the most part you and Matt were fine but Miss MeLeah was much like Squirrel. She was a handful!!!