Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop

Today is Pop's 88th birthday. We had a birthday dinner for him last night. We had a great meal and enjoyed a special bird dog cake. In Pop's younger days he loved to bird hunt. Pop has lived a great life, although at times it was hard. Pop served our country in World War II. He has been a deacon in our church for many years. He and Granny had a great marriage. Although they never had any biological children, the Lord blessed them with many adopted children. The four kids in the picture above dearly love Pop and he loves them in return. Possum and Squirrel pray daily for Pop.
We love you Pop and hope you have a great birthday!


Cynthia said...

Pop looks so sweet. God seems to always give our children adopted granparents when they can't always be near their real family. Love you!!!

Netta said...

Melanie, such a great picture and wonderful memories for the little ones.