Friday, October 31, 2008

We're Going Camping!

We are headed for the great outdoors this weekend! We are taking the teenagers from the church camping. There will be a hayride, games, devotions, a fire (Possum's favorite), and of course plenty of good food. This will not be just an old hot dog camp out. Joel is smoking meat for us and we will have all kinds of good food. Of course what camp out would be complete without making smores? I have also made some other good treats to munch on. We will probably all have to keep close to the fire to stay warm, but that is okay. Possum and Squirrel are excited about the camping trip. We normally leave them with Poppy and Marshie while we are with the teens, but they are tagging along this time. I guess that is a perk to your parents being in charge!! Actually, they both love the outdoors so much we won't even know they are around because they will be off shooting something with their stick guns! I'm sure I will have many pictures to share after our adventure. Right now I must go and finish getting all of the camping equipment together. Have a good weekend!

*My Daddy had surgery this past Monday on his neck. Continue to pray for his full recovery.
*My Maw Maw is having surgery this morning. Please pray for her as well.


Nai Nai said...

Stay warm and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!