Friday, October 3, 2008

The Cookout

What do you do when you don't feel good, you are tired of not feeling good, and you can't really go outside and play? You use your imagination inside.

This recuperating is taking a toll on Mommy. I have resorted to making pretend fires in the living room and "roasting" marshmallows. This actually entertained the kids for a while and Possum ate a marshmallow. He only ate one though and Squirrel ate the rest. We had a fun time at our pretend cookout.

Tomorrow we will "tailgate" in the living room again as the Alabama "Christmas" Tide takes on the University of Kentucky. This will be an interesting tailgating party as it will include all soft foods!


Netta said...

MMMM marshmallows :) sounds fun!
Enjoy that tailgating thing too :)
What kinda soft foods? I have a great recipe for homemade chocolate pudding... and it DOES NOT come from a box :)

Nai Nai said...

Love it!

Megan =P said...

HEY! you gota do what ya gota do!!
hehe =D
I remember those days of the inside fires and roseting marshmallows!! (that wasn't long ago!!) haha..

Next season we need to have a youth ativity the night that kentucky and alabama play!! that would make for som interesting conversations!! lol

a gota prayer request:
Ples pray for Colton. He has a wreak last sunday night. he totaled his car but is fine. he came out wtih a small concusstion but is really shook up about it. in after all of this he's birthday was Wed... so just pray that he will get to feeling better and that he will learn to next time hit the deer!! lol =D

Love ya Guys!!♥