Monday, October 13, 2008

Gone Huntin'

Yesterday Mr. Gary brought Possum a surprise-a new shotgun! This gun has little shotgun shells that you load in it and after you shoot it the gun smokes. Possum loves it! I wish I had taken his picture when he saw it. The look was priceless.
This morning I overheard Possum telling his sister that if she would get her hunting clothes on he would take her hunting. How sweet! I scrambled to find camouflage that would fit them both, Possum gathered the needed supplies to go hunting, a gun for each of them, binoculars, and a dog leach (?), and Squirrel ran to get the four wheeler. Off they went on a great hunting adventure. As I was walking inside I head Squirrel say that she shot a dove. Success!


Netta said...

I didn't see the dog hehehe

Sounds like a great expedition to be sure!

cricket said...

Poor little dove!