Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Early Birthday

If you think back to June when Possum had his 3rd birthday you will remember how the celebrating of his birthday went on and on... well, Squirrel's 2nd birthday is coming up on the 20th and the celebrating has already started. Nana came to town today and surprised the kids and brought Squirrel's birthday presents from her and Papa Ron.
Squirrel has the book "If You Give a Pig a Party" that she absolutely loves. She has the book memorized and can read it to you (very impressive for an almost 2 year old!). Well, Nana found her a baby pig that oinks and moves and you feed a bottle. Squirrel LOVES it (and so does her Mommy)! When I say she loves the book I really mean it. She is having a pig party. It is her favorite thing right now.
You can also see from the pictures that Squirrel loves clothes. She can get down and dirty just like her brother, but she loves to get dolled up too. She got very excited over her new clothes (and so did Mommy because she needed some new fall/winter clothes).
For the record, yes her face is dirty. She was eating cheese puffs when Nana showed up and the presents couldn't wait for a face washing! Also notice that the kids are wearing shorts, short sleeves and no shoes. By mid afternoon they were wearing pants, long sleeves and socks. It has rained her all day and gotten very cool. I love fall!!!
Keep reading because I'm sure there will probably be an early birthday part II!


Netta said...

I love the look on her face when she is holding her new clothes! Nana was a hit I see :)

Nai Nai said...

A real girl who loves clothes!!!