Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Fun

What a week we have had. Our church has been in revival all week and then on Thursday our family began arriving for Squirrel's birthday party. Cricket, Maddie, baby Kenzie, Nei Nei, Mama, Kyle, and Kamren all came at some point on Thursday. That made for 12 people in my house, four of which are three and under. Wow!!! Mix in a cinnamon roll order, pig cookies, and a pig cake that had to be made, a party that had to be prepared for, plus church every night and that made for some exciting times. The kids all had a great time playing together and as you can tell from the last picture, made them very tired. On Saturday my aunt Debbie, other Mama, and cousin Amethyst surprised us and came for the party. More family!!! Last week was filled with church and family this week is going to be filled with doctor appointments. Three of the four of us have appointments and I have to take some friends to the doctor on another day. Busy, busy, busy.