Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Squirrel

My baby girl is two years old today! Time goes by so quickly. It is hard to believe that two years ago we were in the hospital with a little baby Squirrel. That is when her Daddy gave her the nickname Squirrel. When she cried she sounded just like a squirrel!
Squirrel is a joy to be around. She LOVES to eat-anything. Today, Possum and Joel both had doctor appointments. In between the appointments we were going to take Squirrel out for her birthday. We thought the plan was to go to Chuck E. Cheese. That was not what Squirrel wanted though. She wanted shrimp from Red Lobster. We tried to convince her to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Trust me. Her brother tried everything to get her to go. But no. Squirrel wanted shrimp. My girl knows her food. She has a more refined pallet than her brother. She chose food over the fun!
Squirrel loves her baby dolls, dress-up clothes, and pigs, but she also loves to get dirty with her brother outside. She is a girly tomboy!
These first two years have flown by. I think with the kids being so close together (16 months apart) Squirrel just grew up with Possum. She has done everything early. Some (like potty training) I don't mind. Others (like wanting to wear make-up) I do mind. What a fun two years we have had with Squirrel.


Nai Nai said...

Yes squirrel is a very prissy little squirrel. I am so thankful you girls are close enough for the kids to grow up together and see each other often. I really enjoyed all of the kids and miss you all so much. Love, Mom

Netta said...

Yes, they do grow up quickly! Enjoy your time ;)
I love the last pic of her eating the marshmallow.