Wednesday, October 8, 2008


*Squirrel has an apron on and Possum has just Elmo undies on!!!

I had just read Ashley's post this morning about rainbows and then God allowed us to see our own rainbow this afternoon. I was trying to get the kids ready for church and Joel started yelling for us to run and look. At first the rainbow was very dim, but it got brighter as we stood there and eventually became a double rainbow. I got an umbrella (since it was still raining and I didn't want my camera wet) and went out into the yard to try and get a full shot, but the rainbow was too big. It was so cool to be able to see the whole thing. Joel explained to the kids what the rainbow meant. Possum and Squirrel were very excited since this was their very first rainbow ever.

I finally got the kids ready for church and as we were loading them in the car they both wanted to know why God took the rainbow away. I think they will be rainbow watchers from now on.

Another cute thought-Possum has been faithfully reminding me to water my mums (since I frequently forget). It has rained here for the past two days. When we got home from church tonight Possum said, "Mommy, God watered your mums for you since you don't fell better." I'm so thankful that he realizes that God makes the rain and rainbows!


The Cosby's said...

That is odd you seen one the day I posted about it. Your view and pictures were much better than mine. Glad the kids got to see it! Looks like the leaves have started to change there more than here, very pretty.

Nai Nai said...