Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Campout

The campout was a blast. We arrived around noon yesterday and got everything set up and started cooking our supper. As I said earlier, this was not an ordinary campout. We had gourmet food!! Our menu consisted of smoked venison with peppers and onions, beans cooked over an open fire, fried corncakes, smores, brownies, and homemade caramel popcorn. Everything was topped off with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. I honestly think that Squirrel had some kind of food in her hand from the time we got there yesterday until we left today (except when she was asleep of course). Possum ate his fair share of smores. As soon as Joel got the fire going yesterday Possum was roasting a marshmallow!
The kids had fun running around trying to do what the older kids were doing. They also enjoyed the hayride. Possum loved the big tractor that Mr. Travis pulled the wagon with.
Originally Possum was going to sleep with Joel and Squirrel was going to sleep with me. Well, they both ended up in the tent with me and I stayed awake most of the night worrying that they were going to freeze to death. It was so cold! We had so many clothes on and so many blankets and sleeping bags on us that you would think we wouldn't have gotten cold, but we did. Some time early this morning Joel came and got Squirrel and I got up with Possum and went and sat around the fire and let the kids sleep in our laps. Wow! It made me very thankful for my warm home and comfortable bed.
We are now home and I'm trying to clean up all the mess. Camping makes for a lot of work-getting ready to go and coming home. Everything that we took has to be washed because of smells like smoke (and we took a lot of clothes and blankets so that is a lot of work). The kids are so exhausted. They came home, took a bath, ate a little lunch, and are now sound asleep by the fire in the living room. I think I'll go join them!


Netta said...

I love the pictures with food on S.'s face. That is priceless. P. looks like he fit in quite well witht he 'big' kids. Glad no one came home with frostbite ;)

Nai Nai said...

The pictures were great. Glad yall had fun.

cricket said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time! Wish we could have been there.

Megan =P said...

That was the most funn i have had in a really long time!!

i got my campform filled out and will get it to you first thing sunday morning!