Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Very Own Top Chef

If you know Joel you know that he enjoys creating new things in the kitchen. What he doesn't like to do is cleanup after himself! He has helped me create some new desserts lately that are out of this world. I will give all the banana roll credit to him! About a month ago he built a new grill/smoker and he has been trying new things on it. Sunday night is our Thanksgiving meal at church. He and I usually cook the turkeys for the meal and so he wanted to try and smoke one. This was going to be his trial run. It turned out wonderfully! The turkey was so moist and delicious. Dad (Joel's dad) always smokes a turkey at Thanksgiving and it is my absolute favorite. I look forward to his turkey all year long! Now I don't have to wait. Joel's turkey was just as good as his Dad's. This is a huge compliment for me to give. I can't wait for Sunday night so I can eat more of this delicious turkey.


Netta said...

woohoo! Joel has hidden talents! Looking forward to the meal :)

Nai Nai said...

Wa to go Jo Jo !!!!!