Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

It has been cold and rainy here today. Joel was not feeling well from his surgery yesterday. He couldn't take the pain medication that the doctor prescribed him and it took most of the day to get a new medication called in to the pharmacy. The kids couldn't go outside to play because of the rain and so add them to the mix of Joel being in pain and it has been a tough day!
The kids are all the time asking to get their pop-up tents out and usually I say no. Today was the day! As you can see it was a pretty good distraction. Squirrel filled her tent full of baby dolls and played away. Possum was in and out of his. They both even took their naps tucked inside of their sleeping bags.
On one of our trips to town today to get Daddy's medications, I overheard Possum talking about his Daddy. "Poor Daddy" he was saying and then he started praying for Joel. After he finished praying Squirrel made the comment that we had bought Daddy some medicine. Possum quickly informed her that Daddy didn't need any medicine because he had prayed for him and God was going to make him better. After we had gotten home Possum went up to Joel and asked him if he felt any better. Joel told him that he was feeling a little better. Possum said "That's because I prayed for you Daddy." If we all had the faith of this three year old. Both of the children have gone up to Joel several times today telling him that they had prayed for him. I'm so thankful that they are learning early on about prayer.


cricket said...

Tell them to start praying for my sanity!!!

Nai Nai said...

So sweet, Melo you have such sweet stories, thanks for sharing them. It has been a very wet day here too! Tell JoJo to get well soon!
Love and miss you!

Kimbo said...

MELANIE! This is such a sweet story! I love those kids! Tell Joel I hope he gets to feeling better! Umm I have some news! We are engaged!!!! He asked me yesterday and I am SO excited! I will give u all the details later! Love yall!