Monday, September 15, 2008

Dove Hunters

Squirrel watched her brother closely as he pulled each dove from the bag.
Possum had to inspect each and every dove.
Possum telling Mommy all about the hunt.

This evening Possum, Daddy, and Barkley went on the first dove hunt of the season. They came home with ten doves and many stories to tell. Joel said that he had to drag Possum off the field. As much as he loved hunting last year, he loves it that much more this year. Joel said that Possum went around picking up the empty shotgun shells. He showed Joel where it had something written on it-"I went hunting with my Daddy" really it said "Remington". Possum came home and put one of the empty shells in his treasure drawer to keep. Memories. He will look at that shell and remember his hunting trip with Daddy.

So Squirrel wasn't left out, she and I baked banana nut bread. She enjoyed herself as well.


Cynthia said...

Melanie these stories are so sweet, I cry each time I see and read your blogs. I'm so glad we all learn to do this. Love and miss you! NeNe

Netta said...

Wonderful memories, like you said!!!

The Cosby's said...

I love it! Your family needs to have their own show. It is amazing how he is a little Joel and she is a little you! I hope me and Shaun have one of each one day! Hate we missed seeing you while you were in town. That is always the way it happens it seems.

Kimbo said...

Hey girl! The pics are so so cute! I so wish you did live here so you could go with me to the pumpkin patch. I asked Heath last night to go with me and he said no cause it's a "girl thing". I should tell him they have a place to hunt out there and he would so be for going, lol. Tell everyone I said hey and have a great week!