Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photo Shoot with Aunt Debbie

Chocolate makes everyone silly!

I just loved this picture of Possum laughing.
Another stick!

Possum always can find a stick to play with. It is either his gun or fishing pole!

Squirrel did this same thing the last time Aunt Debbie took pictures.

A trip to Alabama would not be complete without Aunt Debbie (my Daddy's sister) making pictures of the kids. She emailed me these pictures, plus many more, last night. Aunt Debbie snaps away making sure she doesn't miss anything good. Squirrel was not a very happy model at first. I think she was ready for Mama's good lunch. On the way to Papa and Mama's (my Daddy's parents) for lunch, the kids were so excited because they were going to get to eat peas from Papa Gene's pea patch. We had a great lunch, took good pictures, and got to play with cousins that we don't get to see very often. Thanks Aunt Debbie for making our pictures.