Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy Squirrel

This afternoon Squirrel was playing very sweetly in her room. I could hear her playing with her stove and dishes. She was cooking for her baby dolls. Squirrel loves her babies. Well, things got a little too quiet for my liking so I quietly walked down the hall to peak in on her and this is what I found. Her hand is in her "treasure" drawer where she was keeping the powder (this is also where she has been hiding pacifiers). She immediately started crying because she knew she was in trouble. If you look at the pictures closely enough you can see the tear streaks through the baby powder. After she quit crying I asked her what she was doing. She said that her baby had a stinky diaper and needed some powder. I guess the poopie diaper got all over the baby doll's face and from one end of Squirrel to the other. Squirrel has smelled very strongly of baby powder the rest of the day. Her hair bow was even covered, along with the dresser and floor. She was just being a good little mommy to her baby doll (which is what every one of her babies are named).


Cynthia said...

zwjiJust being a good mommy!!! Between Maddie and her Coco and Squirrel and her baby powder, let's just hope they don't get together.

Kimbo said...

AWWW this cracks me up and she looks SO cute! What joy she must bring you every day! Tell everyone hello and I hope you have a peaceful and blessed week!

Netta said...

Looks like she was just taking care of that sweet baby is all!!! You go on being a good Mommy Squirrel..... At least it was powder and not something wet and gooey :)