Friday, September 26, 2008

Possum's Surgery

Possum came through his surgery and we are now at home. The Lord took care of him and answered prayers. When we went for pre-op on Wednesday, the nurse let us know that he would be given gas to be put to sleep and then receive the iv and other unpleasant things after he was asleep. This was great, but that meant that Possum would be awake when he was taken away from us and that is not so great. Possum normally has problems with separation from Daddy and Mommy. I have prayed about this issue since Wednesday. This morning we woke Possum up to go to the hospital and he was in the best mood. He watched The Fox and the Hound II that Nai Nai sent him and laughed all the way. While we were waiting at the hospital he played and laughed and when the nurse came to take him to the operating room he was beyond wonderful. We prayed with him, hugged and kissed him, and I handed him right over to the nurse. He went right to her and down the hallway Possum I, Possum II, and the nurse went. Not a single tear shed. The Lord answered this Mommy's prayers.

The surgery went smoothly. The doctor said that his tonsils were worse than he thought. Obviously, Possum is a very tough little boy. He has probably been having a lot of problems with his throat, but he never complained. Possum had his tonsils, adenoids, and remaining tube removed. He was sick a little after the surgery, but in my opinion is doing great right now. He has been an extra sweet boy and Daddy and Mommy are very proud of him.

Keep Possum in your prayers that the recovery will continue to go smoothly.


Nai Nai said...

What a brave little Possum!
Love you, NaiNai

Netta said...

so many prayers said for Possum and how they were answered!

Glad to hear is doing well.