Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girly Girls

Possum got to spend the night with his cousins Joshua and Caleb and so Squirrel got to spend some girl time with her cousin (my cousin Kimberly's daughter) Olivia. We played dolls, made necklaces and bracelets, and Mama filled their purses with "stuff". When they weren't fussing over their new treasures they had a good time together. I asked Mama if me, Cricket, and Kimberly fussed like that when we were little. She said no, but I'm sure that she was just being kind. I really wish that there had been digital cameras back then, because I would love to have a picture of Kimberly and myself to post here. These two girls look very much like their mommies. If only Maddie had been here to play with them.


Cynthia said...

And yes... Yall fussed a good bit. But you still had a great time.