Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Wheel, The Eye, and the Diamond

Sundays are always busy and exciting around our house, but today got even more exciting. We start VBS tomorrow night and Joel is making me a really cool wheel for a "Spin That Wheel" game. This morning he thought he would finish the painting so it would dry while we were at church and then I could do the lettering later. Out of no where I hear him screaming (Joel has a high tolerance for pain so this is unusual) and he runs in the house with what appears to me as half his face blown off and his eye bulging out. I immediately got sick to my stomach. He was yelling "Turn the water on. I need water." I was yelling "I've got to do something with the kids so you can go to the hospital." He calmed down enough to tell me it was red spray paint, not blood, and to call poison control. One of the cans got clogged and he was trying to unclog it and it exploded on him.
We called poison control, did what they said for 2 hours, and finally had to go to the ER. They cleaned it out, put numbing drops in it, and gave him some antibiotics. Thankfully he is probably not going to have any vision lost over this. All of this done and he still made it to the church by 11:00 and preached (with sunglasses on) and baptized. God took care of him today. Now that it is all over I wish that I had a picture of him. He really did look scary!
Now the diamond. When we got to the church I went in and sat down. I reached down to touch my necklace (a habit) and realized it was gone. This is the diamond necklace that Joel gave me as a wedding gift. I will never have another one nor do I want another one-this one was special. Well, I was sick to my stomach again. I had to go out and check on all of the children's classes and so I looked around the church to make sure it wasn't there. It wasn't. I began praying and knew I couldn't tell Joel or he would be back in the trauma unit at the hospital.
When we got home I started searching the floors. Joel of course wanted to know what I was doing. I didn't answer. He asked again. I answered. It actually wasn't the response I thought I would get. He said that he could see why I was sick to my stomach. I went to Squirrel's room to change her clothes and thought of the beds. I made them up after I had my church clothes on. I started pulling the sheets back and there was the diamond. I pulled more back and there the chain was. Praise the Lord again! It is now safely and securely back on my neck. In almost 9 years this is the first time I have had this to happen and maybe the only time.
I'm not sure if I can handle any more excitement today. Thank God that he answers our prayers. Please pray for our VBS this week.


cricket said...

As much as JOel loves our blogs I'm sure he adored having his picture taken for it. I am glad that everything worked out. Tell him I hope he feels better soon. Oh yeah.. don't feel bad I have already lost mine around three or four times and I have not had mine two years yet. One of which was in the parking lot of the mall in Tucson and did not realize til I was home and in bed. Beat that!

Megan =P said...

i'm glad everything turn out ok! Me and Meagan couldn't stop giggleing over the fact that our preacher was preaching inside with sun glasses on!! lol =P

Netta said...

and a fine job Bro. Joel did with the service. I think it made a more thankful service as well. I am so glad you found your necklace.... maybe you can help Carmen find her Senior ring????

Cynthia said...

Melo, you sound like your mother (a total wreck)but at the end of the day "all is well". Love you!!!