Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chocolate Cake

In honor of my birthday and Nana Bama's visit, Cricket made a homemade six-layer chocolate cake. It was the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. The cake had a chocolate mousse filling and chocolate fudge frosting with chocolate shavings all over it. My diet plan went out the door with my first bite! Nana Bama and Possum enjoyed a piece for dessert after breakfast and lunch and as a snack between meals! We all thoroughly enjoyed Cricket's cake.


dela said...

these are some of the best times

Barbara said...

Hi: Your family is beautiful. The cake is so tall! Chocolate Fudge is the best flavor in the husband's favorite. We discovered penuche ( creamy brown sugar fudge) when visiting San Francisco a few months ago. We also tried chocolate dipped marshmallows and gourmet chocolate apples. All these treats were light and delicious. I'll be sure to revisit your blog soon.